Your Design Department

For Landscapers

Our Fixed-Fee model will help you grow and save time within your Landscaping Business.

If you currently have a design process established in your business, as garden design specialists we can complete your hard-landscaping plans to a professional standard.

We produce these plans in line with your design brief using our specialist CAD software and provide you with a complete package that can then be presented to your client. This will save you time in your business to focus on things that matter.

If you run a garden landscaping business, but are having trouble locating the resources and talent needed to produce your design visuals.

Would having to scale construction drawings help you work more efficiently? 

At Design Only Gardens, we can help by greatly reduce the expenses involved in garden construction projects for both the client and the landscaper. We can ensure your profit margins are accurate and your customer is not met with additional costs upon completion.

We also understand not everyone has an eye for design and may need guidance or creativity to help bring their client's design vision to life.

We can work from a basic design brief or hand-drawn sketch to turning your drawings into a 3D, to-scale, concept alongside quantities of materials to help you budget your projects. Saving time and money for you and your clients whilst revolutionising your current design process.

Do you have a design process?

Do you want to save time?

What would we require?

In order to complete a high-quality, comprehensive design for your clients at a fixed fee we would require the following information before commencing work dependent upon the complexity of the project: 

  • Design Brief (outlining their garden concerns, likes/dislikes, and crucial garden elements)

  • Garden Survey (showing garden boundaries, existing structures and heights)

  • Garden Images (highlighting existing structures, and garden surfaces to stay or go)

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your garden!