Garden Planning & Construction Pack

Scope of work

Following the completion of your final design plans, we will produce a scope of work detailing estimated quantities of products. These can be provided to your landscaper and builder for quotation purposes. If you need help finding a landscaper or builder we have a number of these we can recommend.

On-hand advice/drawings

Sometimes, when a project comes to life, the design is required to adapt in order to enhance your outdoor space. As we will be involved in your garden transformation, we can advise and amend your garden plans proactively. These new drawings can then be sent to your Landscaper as dimension and scaled drawings.

Product Identification

We will also identify the necessary features required to bring your garden to life. This may include but is not exclusive to water features, timber structures, or statues. This will enable the Landscaper of your choice to purchase these with minimal disruption to your project.

Handover with Landscapers

We will arrange a handover with your Landscaper of choice to go over any complexities involved in your project build. This may include helping convey your design vision to the Landscapers or offering guidance or solutions to any problem areas which may arise once the design is brought to life.

At Design Only Gardens, we understand that some garden projects are built immediately after they are designed while other garden designs are a plan for the future.

That is why we offer a separate construction package that can be provided as a service to any of our completed designs or at any point during the design process.

As part of this service, we will be proactively on hand through your garden transformation.

So, what does this entail?