Keily Rutherford Garden Design: Digital Soundwave Garden

Discover how Design Only Gardens and Keily Rutherford Garden Design & Maintenance collaborated to bring Keily's garden plans to life using 3D garden rendering techniques ensuring our team matched her creative vision for her client.


Taylor Gee

9/21/20233 min read

We are thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Keily Rutherford Garden Design & Maintenance a garden design practice ran by RHS qualified Keily Rutherford based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. We helped transform their client's garden dreams into a fully realised concept.

In this blog post, we will take you through a project assigned to us by Keily's practice, from being assigned the brief, to translating this into a full realised photorealistic 3D concept.

The project began when Keily approached us requiring some assistance with the 3D garden visual work for this project. She delivered a clear 2D garden design plan, detailing important aspects of the garden and her clients preferences to ensure we capture this within our visual work.


  • Convert Keily's 2D drawing into a fully scaled 3D concept including still images and a walkthrough animation.

  • Capture the essence of her design vision, following her design brief meticulously.

  • Ensure planting is visualised relative to what is intended to be installed.

  • Highlight all garden design features using effective camera angles.

  • Apply visual effects that invoke her projects theme and style.

The Journey

Star Jasmine
Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine

To begin, the Design Only Gardens team modelled a framework of Keily's garden design, outlining the hard landscaping elements of the project but also detailing the existing house and other parts of the external environment to ensure the visuals where accurate to not only her creative garden design vision but also brought to life when her client sees the design images.

During the modelling phase, our team also handcrafted the bespoke items within the project. Such as the Pergola gallows, Gabion retainers and the Moongate arch.

Once the garden was modelled, our team then textured the faces of the model using high quality materials to capture the essence of Keily's design. In essence, this involves turning basic colour coded materials into a real representation of what is there such as the house bricks, granite plank paving, shou sagi ban timber to name a few.

granite planks in a staggered pattern with dove grey peak stone gravel adjacent.
granite planks in a staggered pattern with dove grey peak stone gravel adjacent.

Granite Plank Patio Area

One of the most important aspects of translating a handcrafted garden design into the photorealistic 3D space is putting in thoughtful soft landscaping elements in to the plan. Keily is an expert in this feild and hand selected specific plants for each bed from the Trachelospernum against the fences to the Russian sage amongst the Moongate.

We hand placed every flower on this project. When working with small visualisation projects, it is imperative these are placed correctly so the design matches the intended plan.

Russian Sage
Russian Sage

Russian Sage

With all of the elements put together, we are left with a fully functional 3D model which represents Keily's creative garden design.

To create the stunning visuals for this project, we first add the final touches such as fire, for the firepit, water for the pond basin, the sky and other colour effects to the drawing to encapsulate the mood and theme of the design.

This is then processed in high resolution as both still images and a full walkthrough animation which is then edited uniquely for Keily's business which she could then deliberate to her customer.

raised seating area with millboard weathered oak step up to a beige sandstone plank patio.
raised seating area with millboard weathered oak step up to a beige sandstone plank patio.

Raised Seating Area

”I've just had the animation come through and it is fantastic, thank you so much - I love it."

- Keily Rutherford, Keily Rutherford Garden Design & Maintenance

The Final Result

Here is the video walkthrough of the visualised garden.