Lush Garden Design: Planting Scheme Visualised

Discover how Design Only Gardens and Lush Garden Design collaborated to bring planting visions to life using innovative 3D garden rendering techniques. Explore our journey of turning 2D concepts into immersive, photorealistic experiences that showcase intricate planting palettes. Elevate your understanding of garden greenery in a blend of creativity and technology.


Taylor Gee

8/29/20233 min read

We are thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Lush Garden Design, a highly regarded and talented garden design practice ran by Anna Barker based in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Together, we embarked on a journey to transform their client's garden dreams into a fully realised concept.

In this blog post, we will take you through the process of our cooperation, starting with the initial meeting and culminating in the expert visualisation of their garden vision using our proficiency in specialist garden visualisation software.

Problem Statement: Our journey began with Lush Garden Design's exciting 2D concept. Conveying their planting and landscape ideas to clients was a hurdle. Traditional 2D sketches often fell short of capturing the essence of plant arrangements, leading to potential confusion. Lush Garden Design recognised the need to bridge the visual gap.


  • Elevate Lush Garden Design's 2D concept into a vivid, lifelike representation.

  • Offer clients a virtual walk-through of the garden's planting scheme.

  • Enhance our communication with clients about the intricacies of plant selections.

  • Showcase our prowess in visualising intricate planting palettes.

The Journey

Agapanthus plant
Agapanthus plant


Methodology: In partnership with Lush Garden Design, we followed a meticulous process:

  1. Collaboration: We closely collaborated with Lush Garden Design to truly understand their vision, particularly the plant selections and arrangement preferences.

  2. Model Creation: Our skilled 3D visualisers crafted a digital version of the garden, precisely replicating Lush Garden Design's planting and landscape scheme.

  3. Textures and Lighting: The 3D model came alive with realistic textures and lighting, mimicking sunlight and materials to enhance the authenticity of the plant visuals.

  4. Landscape Design: We placed each plant, tree, and pathway with utmost care, capturing the essence of Lush Garden Design's creative design.

  5. Rendering: Cutting-edge software rendered the scene, culminating in a high-definition, photorealistic images and video that showcased the garden in its full glory.

artificial turf play area with in built timber seating
artificial turf play area with in built timber seating

Artificial Turf Play Area

Analysis: The 3D garden rendering exceeded our expectations, effortlessly addressing the challenge of portraying planting concepts. Clients could now virtually stroll through the garden, gaining an immersive understanding of the planting design. The meticulous attention to detail, from the texture of leaves to the dance of sunlight, added an unprecedented level of realism, well beyond the reach of traditional 2D sketches.

Solution: Our solution was transformative: the 3D rendering not only enhanced client communication but also empowered Lush Garden Design to effectively showcase their planting ideas. The dynamic visuals showcased the planting palette, fostering collaboration and a more profound understanding.

Results: The outcome was extraordinary. Clients experienced the planting scheme virtually, leaving behind any ambiguity that conventional sketches often bring. At Design Only Gardens, in collaboration with Lush Garden Design, we set a new standard in merging creativity with technology, creating an experience that resonated deeply.

Echniacea plant
Echniacea plant


Lessons Learned: The project underscored the critical role of visualising garden concepts in bridging imagination and reality. Our collaboration, creative flair, and technological prowess seamlessly converged.

Conclusion: Our journey of transforming Lush Garden Design's 2D concept into a captivating 3D realm, complete with an intricate planting palette, reaffirmed the power of innovation. At Design Only Gardens, alongside Lush Garden Design, we demonstrated how technology can magnify the essence of garden design visuals offering clients an experience that harmoniously blends imagination and reality.

outdoor covered kitchen area
outdoor covered kitchen area

Outdoor Kitchen Area

The Final Result

Here is the video walkthrough of the visualised garden.